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January 2nd, 2008

Wowio @ 07:56 am

Feelin': thirsty thirsty

This is just so anyone who randomly stumbles here and doesn't know about this can find out.

There's a great site called Wowio where you can download free books. And they've got tons of them. I've downloaded dozens by now, and I keep adding more to my queue. Unfortunately you can only download a few at a time (3 last time I checked), but you can come back every day to download three more and it keeps track of books you want.

There are a bunch of novels and biographies and stuff, but the real draw (for me at least) is the nonfiction they have. Instructional books for everything from knitting to cooking to drawing, books on philosophy and science and history... I just eat this stuff up.

So, go take a peek, read something new and exciting.

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